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3 Jul

Jay Z and Beyonce, On the Run or On the Rocks?

Jay Z Beyonce

During the highly anticipated “On the Run” tour, Beyonce performed her song, “Resentment,” which addresses lies and infidelity in a relationship. As fans admired her wedding costume and sang along, they noticed that Mrs. Carter changed the lyrics, “Been ridin’ with you for six years” to “….12 years,” which is pretty accurate timing in regard to her courtship with hubby, Jay Z. According to TMZ, Bey is revealing drama in the marriage, which has been heavily masked as perfect. This comes during a time when rumors are making their way through the industry about Jay Z cheating with several women including R&B singer, Mya.  It is assumed that the cheating sparked the elevator showdown between Jay and Solange.


Meanwhile, as fans and the press speculate, Beyonce releases a photo gallery featuring her happy family and even includes an image of herself floating in the ocean as she symbolically holds up the Roc sign in honor of Jay’s label.

Jay Z Beyonce

Jay and Bey have a history of ignoring the press when it comes to their personal business, so we doubt that they will clarify any of this. If they are indeed on the rocks, it is clear that Bey is standing by her man as always.

Jay Z Beyonce Blue Ivy I

Jay Z Beyonce Blue Ivy

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