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10 Oct

Venus Williams Talks Beauty Standards, Black History & Dating with Glamour Magazine

“I don’t think I was always considered beautiful, but it didn’t matter because what mattered was what I thought of myself. And also, I got to let my racket do the talking”

We are in awe at Venus’ resilience, drive and beauty. She is a very smart woman. A BOSS! While she doesn’t plan to retire from tennis as of yet, she has become a very influential business woman with brands from investment funding to fashion, home interiors, beauty and wellness.

Venus cover Glamour’s October 2022 issue and speaks with Abigail Blackburn about beauty standards, the importance of knowing our Black history, and even the single life. Read the full interview here.

Photography: Chrisean Rose
Fashion Stylists: Oliver Vaughn/Nia Hubbard
Makeup Artists: Hung Vanggo/Jayden Ho Pham
Hairstylist: Ro Morgan
Nails: Arlene Hinckson
Creative Directors: Dennis Lye & Nathalie Kirsheh
Beauty Director: Camilla Kay
Production: Grace Barnes, Elizabeth Robert, Louise Lund
*All Photo Rights Belong to Glamour Magazine

Layla K | The Digital Doll
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