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14 Oct

Leather in $20K Hermès Birkin Bags Smell Like “Marijuana”

According to Page Six, a batch of the exclusive and oh so pricey Hermès Birkin bags have experienced a high level of complaints and returns to luxury boutiques due to a strong  marijuana-like smell coming from the leather.  Boutique reps are stating that “there was a problem with a “badly tanned” batch of leather from a supplier.” Apparently the tanning process has a set back…whenever the leather heats up (maybe in a haute car), it can reek of skunk or to be “popculturely correct” (yes we make up our own words)….POT!

Not all are affected but for those fashionistas who have experienced this issue, their bags are being sent back to Paris to be inspected and rebuilt. This isn’t good as luxury goods customers pay upwards of $15K-$20K for a Birkin, such as the popular Kelly bag. These bags are considered investment pieces and Kim Kardashian is said to own over 50 of them. Wonder if she got a pot smelling purse. This is all very interesting. Story developing…

Meanwhile, an Hermès Matte Himalayan {extremely rare, almost albino} Nilo Crocodile Birkin bag with 18K white gold hardware sold in September for a whopping $185,000.

The collector’s item has 242 diamonds with a total weight of 9.84 carats and was the second most-expensive handbag ever auctioned {on the luxury re-sale market}

Story via: The New York Post {Page Six}
Auction Info: Forbes
Photos: Extravagazni

Layla K | The Digital Doll

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